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IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you receive the error "site cannot be reached" when submitting your application using a Chromebook, your device may need to run an update. Turn your Chromebook completely off and then back on again - this will prompt the update to run and you will then be able to submit. Contact Mrs. P if you have any issues!

"The most rewarding part of my job is all the experience I'm getting. I really can't say enough good things about Youth Apprenticeship. If you're thinking about applying, I would say to go for it! It's a really great way to get out there, try something different, and see what you might want to do for your future."

-Grace Barden, YA Student

Application Process

Students are selected for the youth apprenticeship program based on an interview with potential business partners and an application.


Your resume will be shared with potential employers. Make sure to proofread for spelling/grammar and include updated information!

There are a lot of great resume templates on Canva (log in using your school google account, every Lincoln student has a free Canva Pro account)

Remember to include classes that you’ve taken that are relevant to your career choice.

Your summary/objective/about me should answer: What are your career goals and how will a Youth Apprenticeship help you achieve them?

Need Help?
If you need help, contact Mrs. P!


You will include two teacher names on your YA application as references. Choose teachers who know you well and can speak about your work ethic, responsibility, and character. You can also list a coach or club adviser as a reference.


YA Interviews take place in April, May, and possibly June depending on the YA program area. All YA applicants will have the opportunity to complete a practice interview beforehand so they feel confident on interview day!

sample interview questions

Use these sample interview questions to prepare for your YA interview. The best way to prepare for an interview is to practice!


Please contact Bonnie Proszenyak, Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator or click here to schedule a meeting