YA interview Questions

Sample Interview Questions

Youth Apprenticeship Applicants

Below are the Youth Apprenticeship interview questions. Employers may ask additional questions or different questions than those listed below.

  1. Tell me about yourself.

  2. Tell me about your career goals and long-term plans.

  3. What motivates you to do your best at work or school?

  4. Tell me about a time you were in a leadership role at school, in a club/sport, or at work.

  5. Give an example that shows you work well on a team and are a “team player.”

  6. In the Youth Apprenticeship program, you need to balance work, school, and extracurricular activities. Tell me how you manage having multiple commitments.

  7. If I asked your teachers to describe your greatest strengths, what would they say?

  8. If I asked your friends the same question, what would they say your strengths are?

  9. Tell me about a weakness and how you are working to overcome that.

  10. Tell me about a time that you faced a conflict or difficulty at work or in school; what did you do to resolve it?

  11. Name someone you admire and explain why they inspire you.